International exhibition of equipment, raw materials and technologies for pharmaceutical production
October 5 - 7, 2022 • Ukraine, Kyiv, IEC, Brovarsky Avenue, 15

Sections of the exhibition / Product categories

Product categories:

Manufacturing and general equipment

  • Equipment for production of disposables
  • Temperature control equipment
  • Fermenting & chemical synthesis equipment
  • Equipment for the manufacturing of patent medicine
  • Grinders, sieves & mixers
  • Dryers
  • Concentration & purification equipment
  • Equipment for waste processing
Raw materials and ingredients for pharmaceutical production

Laboratory equipment, quality control

  • Equipment & reagents for laboratories
  • Nonproductive equipment and reagents
  • Equipment for quality control departments
  • Clinic research
Packaging and packing materials

  • Equipment for filling, closuring, marking and labeling
  • Equipment for the pharmaceuticals packaging
  • Complete production lines
  • Packaging materials
  • Polymer & glass containers
  • Equipment for production of containers
  • Clean room technologies
  • Sterilizers
  • Individual safety devices for the clean rooms
  • Sewage and gas exhaust filtering
  • Industrial cleaning and disinfection pharmaceutical production rooms
Turn - key projects

  • Turn - key projects
  • Engineering & re-engineering
  • IT systems and services
  • Control & instrumentation Equipment
  • Individual safety devices for the clean rooms
Pharma Logistic, Software

  • Up-to-date IT for the optimization of logistic process
  • Real-time processing of listing and monitoring of FPP using IT solutions
  • Warehousing & transportation
  • Equipment for storage of raw materials and finished goods
Target audience of the exhibition:

  • Top managers of pharmaceutical companies
  • Heads and leading specialists of the quality control department 
  • Heads and employees of the equipment supply department
  • Pharmacovigilance Specialist
  • Heads of technical and production department
  • Heads of industrial engineering department
  •  Heads of logistics
  • Heads of the laboratories
  • Marking and labeling specialists 
  • Documentation specialists
  • Chief engineers, engineers
  • Сhief technologists, technologists
  • chief mechanics, mechanics
  • clinical research managers
  • laboratory assistants
  • scientific researchers